Monday, July 29, 2013

Thinking, feeling and such 7.29

Thinking about:  Indoor Cycling tomorrow.  Last Thursday was a great class.  I am upset I have to miss this weeks Thursday class but I am going Wednesday or Friday morning instead. Still disappointing, the Thursday instructor was awesome.
Feeling:  Pretty awesome.  I had  great birthday (that I will blog about later), and am feeling really content and thankful for my life.
Watching: Pretty Little Liars .  I am mostly embarrassed to admit it.  I am almost through the first season, so no spoilers!  It's good fluff, and not as heavy as Greys anatomy.
Reading: Dead Weight the second book in the Lizzy Gardner series.  It was an enjoyable read for the most part.  One of the storylines was....awkward.  I am hoping they drop it in the third book.
Looking forward to:  Wolves of Midwinter .  Anne Rice has been pimping it pretty hard on her facebook.  Every time she talks about it I almost go out to Amazon to buy it and then I remember that it doesn't come out until October .

Making me happy:  The Afghan my mom made me.  She had me pick one out of a book like 15 years ago.  I picked the hardest one.  15 years later she gave it to me for my birthday.  It's beautiful and it's a perfect summer, air conditioning cover up.

Thanks again to Lindsay @ Running with Tongs  for the inspiration.


  1. I've been thinking about a roller trainer for my house and wondering if I'll use it when the weather is for crap or not. I know for sure that with my current wardrobe, I'm not outfitted for any sort of cycling if the temps are below 60 degrees.

    Thinking about investing in some cold weather cycling gear at some point. Maybe. Being a cold sissy, riding on rollers in my livingroom in front of the TV in the heat sounds way better than riding in the snow.

    You're making me wish I had an opportunity to take spinning classes...I have a free gym membership through work, I just don't have time to use it. Then again, I might have time if I prioritized it. Ah, touche, self. Touche.

    1. I have an indoor trainer I am ashamed to admit I've never used. I have non lined tights that were awesome till 40 degrees. 40-45 is about my limit. Teresa says as long as you wearing the eight things you can always go out, but I say she is crazy as hell and that's why God made gyms, spin classes, and random 60 degree days in January. Also why we should move to NC. Just saying.