Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happiness is the Little Things 2.13.13

1.  Archer


I am soooo soooo obsessed with Archer right now.  Like, I've watched the first 2 seasons 3 times.  The third season wasn't great, so I've only watched it once, and I now buy the 4th season by episode so I can keep up.  There are really no words for how much I love this show.  I would quote an obscene and inappropriate comment I saw on an Archer blog,  but it was obscene and inappropriate.

2. WoW


I know you are currently adding this to the " total nerd" pile but its true.  I played last winter and stopped when the weather turned and I was spending most of my time outside.  I started playing again at Christmas ( When I got my super awesome new computer) and am loving it.  We will see what happens.  I think I'll keep playing through out the year this year.

3.  Little Debbie Brownies

My aunt bought me a crap ton of these.  I unfortunately have been eating them.  A lot.  Delicious but it's time to cut back.

What are your fav things this week?

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Year Resolution And The Internet Part 2

Back in January I told you about my internet resolutions.  To quote myself:


For the month of January no FB, News or blog reading.  The only time I am allowed to catch up is either Saturday or Sunday but not both.  At the end of January I will evaluate where I am mentally and decide how to proceed with February.  "

I did pretty well with this.  Not amazing, and I completely fell off the wagon while I was home sick for a few days, but I think I stayed very true to the spirit of the resolution.

The News
After January was over I went to the news sites I used to frequent to see what I had been missing.  I figured it wasn't much because people are always willing to give you bad news so keeping up with the world is not very difficult.  Even so, I could feel the hopelessness and negativity return instantly.  I almost felt like I had news hang over after my brief reappearance.  

I am going to continue to avoid news sites like the plague.  It is what is best/healthiest for me and my well being.


No one needs to check Facebook 100 times  a day.  I never actually did it because I thought something interesting was going to be on there but because I have a smart phone and I was bored/ easily distracted. 

I have added the app back on to my phone and have the shortcut on one of the screens.  Not m main screen, but 2 screens over.  I probably check it 2-3 times a day now when I am at lunch or bored.  I have definitely cut back and am hoping to keep it at a less ridiculous level from here on out.

Both items were the problems that I thought they were.  I am not going to go to news sites just because anymore and I am not going use Facebook as a weird ADHD crutch anymore.  I think I will have more time and be a better person for it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Wolf Gift


I have always love Anne Rice.  I read Interview with a Vampire when I was 16 and have never stopped reading her books.  When I was in college I forced a group of friends to drive with me from Toledo Ohio to Chicago Illinois so I could meet her and get a book signed.  I have a very personal relationship with her characters and her world.  Anne Rice has a very definite world.

The Wolf Gift was a refreshing visit back to that world.  Anne always has a way of bringing places and people to life for the reader.  She makes you want the characters passions and adventures.  The Wolf Gift is, at its very heart, a typical Anne Rice novel.  It is everything I love and dislike about her fiction.

This book went from being an intense and enjoyable read, to something I had to force myself not to skim till the end.  It became evident in The New Tales of the Vampires that Anne was a little obsessed with Marius.  Repetitively.  As the "pack" formed in the Wolf Gift I felt more and more like I could identify the characters by their vampire counterparts. I've read the story of those characters already.  Multiple times through Anne Rice's various books.  That also made the Marius like character espousing his philosophies equally boring.


You should read this book.  Whether you are new to Anne Rice or have been around forever this is a very, very enjoyable read.  If you are new to Anne Rice you may not notice my complaints at all.  If you are a long time fan you may not agree with me.  Either way, the merits of meeting Reuben and going on his journey with him far out weigh the negatives.

4/5 Stars