Friday, August 31, 2012

Deadly Little Secrets

I picked Deadly Little Secrets up at a used book store on vacation.  I thought it was fiction, and seemed like a indulgent vacation read.  When I got in the car I realized it was a true crime novel because there were picture in it.  You would have thought I would have noticed the quote on the front of the book.  Sometimes, I am special.

I decided to read it, despite the depressing nature of  the book.  Stories are a lot more fun when they aren't about real bad guys.  I couldn't put it down.  I read it on the beach, I read it in the hotel room, I read it by the pool.  

The events were laid out very clearly. Kathryn gave an extensive look into both the husbands and the wifes backgrounds.  it was obvious that she spent a significant amount of time talking to all of the people involved in their lives.  She continually gave the perspective of both sides of the family and of the main players themselves.  The psychology  major in me was thrilled, and watched with mounting horror as all of the past events and all of danger signs led down the inevitable path.

I have one complaint about this book.  The author would latch onto certain family quotes, and use them three or four times.  You would read it again and again and think yes yes you said that before... but it wasn't disruptive.

What humans can do to each other with no remorse is disturbing.  However, if looking into the mind and path of a man who started with assault, landed in the priesthood and ended with murder sounds interesting to you, you should check it out.  Deadly Little Secrets was an enthralling read.

4/5 stars

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Which Pony Tail is She Wearing?

What work out I am doing on any given day is easy to read by my hair and clothes.  A high pony tail

Means I am going to the gym.  This is usually accompanied by capri pants ( that just look like pirate pants because I am short) running shoes and a cotton tank top.

A low pony tail

Means I am going out on my bike.  I need my hair out of the way and not making my helmet uncomfortable.  I am also wearing bike shorts and a dry weave shirt or tank top and flip flops.  Flip flops are so I can still wander around the house getting my equipment ready with out wearing my bike cleats.  I put those on in the garage.

My dog can always tell which work out I am doing.  She knows for a ride she gets to stay home with my husband for the gym she is headed to her cage.

( The Chiuah in question)

Today was a high pony tail kind of day.  Brad has decided that he wants to start weight training again and asked me to go with him.  I love weight training.  Instant results and you get to feel all pumped and tough.

After yesterdays less then stellar, ego destroying, sorry excuse for a bike felt good to cross train a bit.  I have read articles about good weigh training for cyclists but I kind of went anti most of it.  I ended up avoiding the machines I know I use for cycling and using more of the machines that worked the muscles that I don't use for cycling.  We are going to try to go 2-3 days a week.  That is on top of my riding 3 days a week and possibly taking in a 2 day a week hula dancing class.  Which I need to decide on quick because registration is closing.....

Being the geeks we are we built a spreadsheet to track it and I ran the endomodo app on my phone so it is also logged there.  As the weeks go on I hoping to see consistent progress towards becoming stronger.

Going out for another ride tomorrow, heres hoping I remember my water bottle this time!

Monday, August 27, 2012

What Hurts The Most

Getting my bike back together ended up being a three person challenge.  I put the chain on wrong, then we couldn't get the tire to not rub on the brakes, and all kinds of random crazy in between

But in the end we were victorious!

After my nearly month long absence from cycling I expected some pain.  I mostly expected leg issues and a reduction in cardio.  The pace was less then I am was capable of at 11 mph so it was a nice get back into the swing of things ride.  I never felt like I was pushing my cardio limit, and my legs did fine.  My butt however.....  Ow.

You can read in Part I  of my beginners guide to biking that when you start biking you butt will hurt for at least a month no matter what you do.  Apparently you can lose that toughness in about a month as well.  I forgot what it was like to be afraid of sitting down!

The other surprising toughness I lost was my neck.  I am back to having the neck pain all the way into my mid back again.

Hopefully after a couple weeks of being back in the saddle these beginner pains will go away and I can go back to not thinking about them.  Ever again.

All this has taught me that a break isn't worth it!  Next time I am getting on my bike at least once a week! 


Friday, August 24, 2012

Silent Kills

I truly enjoyed the view into the Steam Punk lifestyle.  The character's were well developed and I found myself wanting to know more about them.

However, this was a very disappointing read.  The story felt awkward, not quite put together right.  I spent more time hoping that the book found its stride then I did anticipating the twists and turns.  Around the 80% mark (as I read this on my Kindle) as the book was suppose to be gearing up.  You could feel it trying.  But it just fell apart more.

If someone has left it in a hotel room and you need something to read, you will enjoy it.

Silent Kills could just be more a lot more.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quit Everything...Apparently.

Right around the time I stopped blogging, I stopped everything-ing.  I stopped tracking, stopped working out, just stopped.  It was my birthday, and then another week went by, it was vacation, then my bike got a flat, and now the pleurisy is back.

The lack of forward movement is starting to bother me.  I realized today that I haven't moved forward in any aspect of my life since the middle of July and it was suffocating. 

Not moving forward pertains to more than the things I listed above.  Those things are what I had been focusing on since January.  With out the noise of them and the busyness of them I realized there are other things that I want to be working on as well.  It's a lot though, so many competing priorities.  My entire life is on a flex point, and yet I am not moving.

What I know?  I want to continue to lose weight, and get stronger.  I want to get my bike back together and keep working in putting on the miles.  Beyond that, I am feeling lost.  Like I am waiting for something to happen or someone else to make one of the other 100 decisions for me so I can base the remaining 99 on that.

Life is so short, and there is so much to do.  I better get moving.