Monday, May 5, 2014

A Wood Pecker + Wandering = A Very Good Day

 I walked out of my house and heard a tapping sound.  I turned towards the only tree in my yard as I was going to cut across the yard to my car.  Sitting in my tree, peck peck pecking away was a giant wood pecker.  I had never seen one before, and I had no idea how big they were.  I have since googled them, and they really don't look that big in pictures either.  The one in my tree... big...huge... and scary.  He wasn't afraid of me in the least.  I inched closer and closer to him. trying to get a good picture.  I only had my camera phone and he did not sit still.  The pictures aren't great but you can get a general idea of his size.

After work I was wandering around Columbus waiting for the Women's Fund annual Key Holder to start and I discovered this.

I've lived in Columbus and worked downtown for nearly 8 years and had never seen or noticed it before.  This makes me think I should wander around more often.

 Have you had any good wanderings lately?

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