Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Thoughts on the Vilifying of Christmas

***I originally posted this on facebook.  A few words have been changed but the content is the same***

The vilifying of Christmas this year saddens me. Anything in life, from exercise to video games to aspects of Christmas can be taken to far. It is not the holiday’s fault one might feel pressured to spend beyond ones budget. It’s not the holiday’s fault that children feel entitled. All of the articles and Facebook posts all month that insinuate that Christmas is to blame are missing the mark. These issues are about personal responsibility not Christmas.

I love giving presents. I love giving presents that people need, and can’t afford on their own. I love giving presents that people want but would never buy for themselves. I love buying my nieces that year’s hot toy if I know they will enjoy it. I don’t take personal offense to what anyone asks for at Christmas. Be it a child asking for everything on the tv or an adult who says they don’t want anything while they have holes in their shoes. If you listen carefully, you can see the presents between their words that will light their eyes up.

This year, like most others, I exercised personal responsibility. I saved, I budgeted and I listened. I have a room full of toys, clothes and surprises that I cannot wait to hand out in a few days. There are two times a year when a person can ask or hope for things to make their life a little easier; Christmas and birthdays. Every article and Facebook post in the world condemning presents and Christmas for allowing presents cannot make me feel guilty about helping with the wants and needs of the people in my life.

We are allowed one time a year as adults to enjoy the magic and wonder of childhood. I choose to embrace it with my adult sense of personal responsibility and not vilify it for existing.

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