Monday, April 28, 2014

I Need to catch up!

I have at least 4 posts in my head that I really want to get down.  I seem to keep not writing them, however.

I am rebooting my weight loss/ work out routine.  Monday is my official soft start.  What is a soft start you ask?

1.  Be careful with food, but no hard no's
2.  Track everything I put in my mouth.
3.  Design work out plan, do not flog self for missing days.
4.  Be more active in every day life

The real start usually comes a week after.  Sooner if the tracking of food is preposterous that I say to heck with this I am losing weight!  Real start is:

1.  Be strict with food, counter any overages with exercise
2.  Track everything I put in my mouth
3.  Exercise is not an option.
4.  Be more active in every day life

 One of the blogs I read does a scale Saturday with screen shots from her scale. and her victories for the week.  I may try a version of her format here, I think it could work for me.  I love numbers, so I am always charting and graphing my weight loss but having to actually see it on the scale here has it's accountability and appeal.

Also, don't hate, but I am going to start tanning this week.  I am super white, I burn super easy, and for the last two years I have had awful  cyclist tan lines.  This year I would like to try to avoid at least some of the whole burn, tan line, burn cycle.  It's also part of a larger plot to get me to the gym when I don't feel like it.  You know, the mental mind games. I'll start with " I am just going to go to the gym to tan" and then " Well I am here I may as well hit the weights." At least that's the hope.

Today was a 14 mile bike ride at about a 13 mph average.  Not a bad soft start!  I had to take a breather and noticed this beautiful tree above me.  I might try to get my real camera out there Tuesday or Wednesday and get a better picture of it before it blooms.

How do you start your weight loss regimes?  Any tips or tricks?

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