Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thinking, Feeling 4.29.2014

 Excited!  My husband and I have decided to start working in a new 2-5 year plan, and I am super psyched for the end result.  I am also excited to sit down and hammer out the details and start working on it.  Not excited because tight budgets suck, but excited about moving forward. 
I am not enraptured by any series currently.  I dedicate a part of last week to Chris Hemsworth ( always a good decision) and we've been watching Myth Busters and Dirty Jobs to fill silent space.  Mike Rowe is a cool dude.
I just went to a Springsteen concert.  So lots of new and old Springsteen.  Also kind of obsessed with the single version of Defying Gravity.  Someone needs to take me to see Wicked next time it's in town.  Just saying.

Pocket Stables is one of my absolute favorite games of all time.  It's in the Droid and Kindle store.  You buy, raise. train race and breed horses.  The breeding is the fun part because it's all about strategy and timing.  I pretty much play it constantly.

Duty To The Dead.  I am not loving it, but it is a mystery and I want to see how it ends, so I am holding on.  I am about 1/2 through and it feels like I should have been done days ago.  However, I've been on quite the spree of reading books in 48 hours or less, so that's probably why heading into a week of starting this one I am starting to get antsy.  It is part of a series that I was hoping to get into, but I think I will be one and done.

Looking forward to:   
Tanning, getting more information about the Masters of Business Psychology I found, lunch with a friend on Thursday... Oh and speaking of Thursday, SUPER excited about an event that day.  I am hoping to have an inspired blog about it afterward.
Making me happy:  
 Looking for tattoo ideas on the internet.  I've had 3 ish in mind for a long time, now I have a solid fourth, and I think it's about time to do something about it.  I figure I can set them up as weight loss rewards.  Kind of obsessed with maps, compasses and the "water color" effect right now. ( Sources on my pinterest board if you are interested).

What are you up to?


  1. I love Mike Rowe and Chris Hemsworth. Also, that back tatoo is really, really neat.

  2. I wish I had any artist skill, at all. lol I am thinking a smaller version of the back tattoo with more of a map than the words, and then obviously a compass somewhere. lol