Monday, June 30, 2014

Thinking, Feeling.... 6.29.2014

A new work opportunity has come up so that comes with the usual mix of emotions.  I am really going to miss my team but I am realllllyyy excited to be doing something new.  I was so bored.  I have to get my work in a good place and train a couple of replacements, but then I am free from a job I've done off and on for four years.  Goodbyeeeee boredom! 
 The CW's Beauty and the Beast .  I kind of watched the first 7 episodes in one day.  Jay Ryan is HOT ( Why did no one tell me?) and the voice he is using is Sex on speed.  If you like deep gravelly voices, check it out.

 The Springsteen concert I went to was posted to his website.  So I have downloaded the whole concert to my IPOD and listen to it constantly.  Mostly the Live version of Johnny 99.  A lot.

Kingdoms of Amalur, for the second play through on XBOX 360.  I am also playing Castle Clash on my tablet every day.

I am reading Dear Carey. I am almost done with it.  It's been a really enjoyable read and a true story, I am very sad to get to the very sad ending.

Looking forward to:   
Lunch with the same friend I mentioned the last time I did this. And I haven't had lunch with him since so very much looking forward to it, again.  I am also looking forward to the humidity dying down.....hopefully?

Making me happy:  
The Columbus Zoo !  My husband and I finally got a membership and we've been there three times.  They've recently opened a new area call The Heart of Africa.  The Lions and Cheetahs are closer, you can watch the Cheetahs run and there are now Giraffes.  It's really awesome, I highly suggest it.

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