Saturday, March 14, 2015

Favorite Things 3.14.2015


Seriously it has been the winter of HOCKEY.  Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey to be exact.  I went from casual fandom to total rabid season ticket holder.  Example, I only got one sentence into this blog post before I was sucked into a hockey discussion on twitter.  Which brings me to my next new favorite thing.


Football is America's sport of choice.  In Columbus Buckeye football is the sport of choice.  Even though we have a professional hockey team, it's not as easy to find hockey fans in your current circles  as you would think.  I have yet to find another equally rabid fan casually in person.  Twitter is full of rabid fans.  Posting stats, commentary and hockey nerd humor.  I also follow the players and the beat writers which adds a lot of insight.  The Blue Jackets twitter account is hysterical as well as informative.  They are also very responsive and I have reached out to them twice with situations that I needed assistance with and they have always been responsive an helpful.  Twitter has been awesome.


The older I get the more sensitive to preservatives I become.  I've been really struggling with food induced migraines again ( really need to go see an allergy Dr.) and the trigger seems to be preservatives.  When I went to the eye Dr. complaining about red painful eyes he asked what solution I use.  I used the cheapest generic solution at whatever store I was at.  He told me that they have preservatives in them that could be irritating my eyes.  He then gave me a sample of peroxi clear.  This stuff is amazing.  My eyes feel better. my contacts last longer and are cleaner.  I really thought I was going to have to give contacts up so this makes me extremely happy.  Totally worth the money it costs.

Punk Goes...

Pop, 90's, classics.  There is a whole series of Punk goes records and they are so much fun.  Despite my better judgement I have always loved pop music and I have always loved guys with guitars.  It's really like they made these just for me.  This summer when you hear a punk version of Taylor Swift's Blank Space blaring through open car windows, they are probably mine.  Here it is for your listening pleasure.  I heard it first at a hockey game because, you know, hockey.

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