Sunday, March 22, 2015


Stolen from Moosh in Indy.

A – Are you single?
Nope. Just had a 5 year wedding anniversary.

B – Birthday?
July 26

C – Crush?
Currently Braden Holtby. Goalie for the Washington Capitals. We bought tickets to the Capitals v the Blue Jackets because I was getting into Ovechkin after the All Star game. Dancing Holtby stole the show for me. Then I went home and Google him and OMG hotness. I am well known for my crushes though, and could probably list a few more.

Also. Goalies are crazy.  CRAZY.  Which is why I love them.  Here is proof.

D – Drink you last had?
Zevia Cream Soda.  Don't love it yet. Going to try again.

E – Easiest person to talk to?
Probably my husband. If I can't talk to him then who can I talk to?

F – Favorite song?
At the moment I listen to  iPrevail s version of Blank Space ON REPEAT ALL THE TIME.  Favorite song of all time? I have a whole blog about that.

G – Good at?
Being blunt,  solving problems, lifting weights,playing any Dragon Age game more than is healthy.

H – Hair color?
Burnette redish at the moment. It's always about to change though.

I – In love with?
The idea of warm weather. Hockey. My car.

J – Jealous of?
People who live in milder climates. I've also found myself lusting after other women's long hair. I've been trying to grow mine out but it's been super slow. Probably because I freak out every other trip and ask her to shape it.

K – Known as?
Kelly,  Miss Kelly, scarey Kelly.

L  – Longest relationship?
7 years 8 ish months

M – Middle name?
Same as my mom's!

N – Number?
Always my birthday.

O – One wish?
Going materialistic here and say living downtown.  I really want to make that happen. Less materialistic, finding a job that I can enjoy more days than not.

P – Person last texted?
Probably my husband, from a different room of the house.

Q – Question always asked?
Are you a season ticket holder to the Blue Jackets?  No,  I was not. I just went to enough games that I could have been so I see how you got that impression. Next season though.....

T – Time you woke up?
8:00 ish.  I stayed up late last night.

U – Underwear color?

V – Violent moment?
Did you see the Scarey Kelly nickname?

W – Worst fear?
My sub conscious has developed a real thing for Heights. They didn't use to bother me and on a conscious rational level they still don't.  But man. Makes me nauseous, I start imaging jumping, it's crazy. The mind is crazy. Beyond that My nightmares are generally about being kidnapped, beaten, tortured, raped and killed,  so let's add those to list too. The last one a guy strapped me to one of those ambulance backboard things and smothered me to death with a book. I got off pretty easy with that one.

X – Ex you never stopped loving?
I don't think I stop loving people I once loved. They get smaller heart space, but I don't think love goes away. Unless I was lying to myself about being in love. Which happened once for almost two years. Just because someone needs you doesn't mean it's love. Lesson learned.

Y – Your last hug?
Husband or dog. Dog has been clingy today.

Z – Zodiac sign?
Leo!  We don't work on birthdays,  we don't take any crap, and it's important to us that our hair looks good.  We also not so secretly believe we are superior to all other signs.

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