Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thinking & Feeling 1.11.17


Existential Crises.  All day, every day.

Sister Wives new season.  It's my one reality TV indulgence.  Cody has shown so much growth and maturity and love this season.  It's the only show I watch with in 24 hours of being out as well.  I don't know why it entrances me. Psychology probably.
This one is hard.... I haven't really been listening to anything.  Oh I know, hockey podcasts. CBJ in 30 and BLR .   If you want to hear me talk about hockey check out JacketCast

Just finished my yearly play through of Dragon Age Origins and am currently playing the first Fable game for the first time.  Seeing the evolution of that game is super interesting.


I just finished  "Tears in the Wind: Triumph and Tragedy on America's Highest Peak"  by Larry Semento .  I should probably write an old fashioned Musings book review on it.  I've been obsessed with all things mountain since my injury.  No idea why, but this is probably the 10 th book I've read about mountain climbing and I've watched every documentary on Netflix and Amazon.

Looking forward to:   
4 day weekend coming up!

Making me happy:  

Let's go with mountains.  

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