Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Then, there was a car on the bike trail

Last night I went on a ride with my Aunt Sue.  We usually go on long rides with each other.  I have a hard time not going as fast as possible, which is bad for long rides.  She has a slower bike than I do so I use her to pace me.

This day we decided to get a little adventurous.  We followed our usual trail but in a direction we hadn't gone before.  The paved trail ran out quickly, but there was a bike tire width dirt trail that continued on, so we followed it.  It only went on for maybe 50 feet before the paved trail started again.  This part of the bike trail was not like the first half.  Instead of weaving through forest and rivers it ran next to a road.  We had to cross streets multiple time to follow the trail.  I was not comfortable with the set up, but I was enjoying having a different cycling experience so we carried on.

Heading into an unbroken stretch of trail there was  a car sitting on the bike trail.  It was pulled across it and the only way to get around the car was to go off the bike trail.  If I had a remote for my life I would hit stop right there, get off of my bike and walk it around.  Or at the least I would have unclipped from my pedals. Is that what I did? No.  So, there I was with two options.  Left through the gravel or right through the dirt.  I chose the dirt.

I knew I was in trouble right away.  The dirt wasn't hard, it was soft and deep.  I have a road bike with thin tires.  I tried to get out of it and back on the trail but the bike started to tip.  I panicked, I couldn't get myself out of my clips and BAM down I went with the bike on the trail.

I hit my elbow hard.

Scrapped up my leg.
My ankle has random bruises all over it and it's swollen.

And, worst of all....my bike got scratched.

The day after has been a little worse.  My muscles are stiff and I know exactly when my ibuprofen wears out.  But I am VERY glad I didn't break a bone or my bike.  I was going to go out for a ride tonight, but I decided my arm and shoulder hurt to much to hold myself up for an hour.  I will see how I feel tomorrow.

But I've learned my lesson.  Next time I am unclipping and walking it.

What are some of your work out tales of woe?

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