Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Resolution And The Internet

I have probably mentioned it before, but I don't have cable.  One of the benefits of that is no news.  Even when we had cable we watched the news rarely.  We use Hulu, Netflix  video games and the internet for our at home entertainment.  There hasn't been a new video game that has caught my interest lately which means outside of working, and working out, I've been doing more internet surfing than usual.

It started with getting a smart phone I am sure.  The constant connectedness to Facebook and news sites.  During the election I slowly slipped into reading more news stories, more badness, more negativity.  After I was into the habit of checking the news on my phone it just stuck.  During the election I said over and over again that I was going to stop being on facebook so much but I never actually stopped.

What am I doing to fix it?

1.  Deleted some of the blogs I am subscribed to.  
2.  Removed all of the news apps and facebook apps from my phone.


For the month of January no FB, News or blog reading.  The only time I am allowed to catch up is either Saturday or Sunday but not both.  At the end of January I will evaluate where I am mentally and decide how to proceed with February.  

I am trying to decide whether or not to add email to that list.  I am thinking not right now.  I am going to be reducing the amount of email I get by changing subscriptions.

How will this effect my VWOB page?  I plan on setting up all of my posts for the week on Sunday.  I am also adding another moderator.  I  am going to allow myself to update my blog any day of the week.   As long as it doesn't involve news sites.

Three days in, how are you doing with your resolutions?

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