Monday, September 2, 2013

Endless Pasta Bowl Test

My husband and I have been married for three years.  We have gone to Olive Garden, once a year for most of our relationship.  Why?  Not for the free cheese, which they offer constantly.  "Would you like some cheese with your Coke?"  No, no I wouldn't.  We go for the annual Endless Pasta Bowl.

Most years, I am pretty sure we had 3 bowls a piece and a bajillion bread sticks .

The first year we were working on dieting we had two bowls a piece and half a bajillion bread sticks.

This year I had 1 bowl and one bread stick.  I was no where near finishing mine.

My husband had 1 bowl and 3 bread sticks.

We are definitely doing better about portion control. Our weight is less, we eat less and eat in more.

The Endless Pasta Bowl, oddly, has become a measure of our success.

I suppose the ultimate goal is to not go for the "Endless Pasta".

We are a far way from both of our goal fitness and weight.

With that said I am very proud of us and our progress.  Even if it is slow, it is forward.

Even measured by pasta.

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