Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall Color Tour - Cycle with the Scouts

In 2012 my family suffered it's first close death in over 30 years.  All 6 of my grandparents are still alive. but we lost my Uncle David unexpectedly at 52.  Now I have a lot of aunt's and uncles.  If you don't count the married in ones the total is 7.  Of the 7, David was the one I was least close with.  He was my uncle and I loved him, I find it disingenuous to talk about him like I knew him well.  But I if I had to make a list, there were three things I knew about my uncle David.

1.  He enjoyed Sci Fi.  He gave me the Chronicles of Amber series when I was in high school.  This was my first real introduction into science fiction and fantasy.  I loved them and I have not left the genre since.

2.  He enjoyed riding his bike.  He had a steel road bike that he rode around town and to work.  Even when his kids were little he would bike with them in seats and trailers behind him.

3.  He enjoyed Scouting.  He was never in scouts himself.  However, when he had two twin boys something about scouting seemed to appeal to him.  he was a Scout Master and kept his kids involved all the way through Eagle Scout.  Camping, gadgets, problem solving, all things that appealed to him.

You can see why the The Fall Color Tour - Cycle with the Scouts. is appealing for those of us in the family that cycle.  I wrote a blog about it last year but  due to circumstances I am not ready to talk about yet, I did not ride it.

My Aunt T has not confirmed the distance yet.  If her and my Aunt Sue go off on their own ( I doubt it) I will gladly stick to the 25.  If not then they will want to do the 50 again this year.  I still have not gone over 32 miles and I have ridden maybe 5 times this year?  So that means I need a plan.

I doubt there will be anyway that I will be ready in one month for the hills.  Even if I suffer and slow everyone down, I can at least get as ready as possible.

I spliced together a couple of century plans, stopped at a dollar store and bought a white board, and voila!  a plan.

Disregard the penmanship

Not sure about the back to back days, I've never done that before, but it's only 10 miles so that's not to bad.  I plan on taking a spin class so the days might change.  I plan on considering that my fast ride.

Hopefully I survive the training and the ride.  Fingers crossed!

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