Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The ride that wasn't and the rain that was

Marion's forecast showed no rain until the afternoon.

The forecast said that while we were standing soaked, in the rain at 9:30 am. 

The main attraction of this event was a new bike for my mom.  She didn't know that she was getting one.  A lot of us went in to buy her a road bike as an early Christmas present.  My mom does not believe that she deserves nice things, so I did not think that she would take it well.

The bike came out of the van and she commented about how pretty and nice it was.  She said things like " There is no grease on it, why would someone let me borrow a brand new bike?"

My aunt Sue finally said something like " It's your bike"  My mom, still not getting it, said "yeah it's the bike I get to ride today isn't awesome?"

"No, literally it's your bike."

She then flipped out and ran over to my aunt Tersea and tackled her with a hug.  She did that like three more times.  She was so excited.  he asked if she really got to take it home, and then promptly told us that she had the prettiest bike there.

(She has a grey water bottle holder and a bike bag too)

It is  a newer version of my bike.  But she is right, it is a lot prettier. and she loves yellow.  She loved the bike so much that she took it much, much better than I anticipated.  It was really awesome.

So after the big reveal we got rained on some more and we decided to give up on the ride.  

We loaded the bikes back into the vehicles and took off for Mansfield.  My uncle mike did a check up on everyone's bike, which I always appreciate.   My bike actually stops when I tell it to now, go figure. 

Eventually the rain finally stopped so we all decided to ride to and on the Mansfield trail.  So we all got to go on a little 14 mile ride together and my mom got to try out her new bike.  We used the local bike shop as a turn around point, which is where the first picture was taken.

Bonuses for the day:  

1.  I got to spend time with my baby niece, which I never get to do.  She even tried to say my name, which was awesome.

2.  My bike fits in the back of the new car without having to do anything.  If I need to put in my aunts and mine then the front tires need to come off, but they fit!  With gear!

In spite of the rain it was a good day.

Mom, Sue, Teresa, Me

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  1. 1. Momma's new bike is BEAUTIFUL. The only thing that would make it even more beautiful, is if were hot pink with black accents. But I get it...that color scheme isn't for everyone.

    2. Thank God for men (boyfriends, husbands, etc.) that know their way around bike maintenance. Your Uncle Mike is a good guy to give everyone's steeds a once over.

    3. Not only do I love your new cut and color, but your Aunt Teresa's hair is looking awesome as well.

    4. I'm pretty jealous of your mother's pretty new bike, and I'm so glad that you guys did that for her. I bet she's STILL smiling. :)

    5. Still on the lookout for a time when WE can ride together. Someday. *sigh*