Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quit Everything...Apparently.

Right around the time I stopped blogging, I stopped everything-ing.  I stopped tracking, stopped working out, just stopped.  It was my birthday, and then another week went by, it was vacation, then my bike got a flat, and now the pleurisy is back.

The lack of forward movement is starting to bother me.  I realized today that I haven't moved forward in any aspect of my life since the middle of July and it was suffocating. 

Not moving forward pertains to more than the things I listed above.  Those things are what I had been focusing on since January.  With out the noise of them and the busyness of them I realized there are other things that I want to be working on as well.  It's a lot though, so many competing priorities.  My entire life is on a flex point, and yet I am not moving.

What I know?  I want to continue to lose weight, and get stronger.  I want to get my bike back together and keep working in putting on the miles.  Beyond that, I am feeling lost.  Like I am waiting for something to happen or someone else to make one of the other 100 decisions for me so I can base the remaining 99 on that.

Life is so short, and there is so much to do.  I better get moving.

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