Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Which Pony Tail is She Wearing?

What work out I am doing on any given day is easy to read by my hair and clothes.  A high pony tail

Means I am going to the gym.  This is usually accompanied by capri pants ( that just look like pirate pants because I am short) running shoes and a cotton tank top.

A low pony tail

Means I am going out on my bike.  I need my hair out of the way and not making my helmet uncomfortable.  I am also wearing bike shorts and a dry weave shirt or tank top and flip flops.  Flip flops are so I can still wander around the house getting my equipment ready with out wearing my bike cleats.  I put those on in the garage.

My dog can always tell which work out I am doing.  She knows for a ride she gets to stay home with my husband for the gym she is headed to her cage.

( The Chiuah in question)

Today was a high pony tail kind of day.  Brad has decided that he wants to start weight training again and asked me to go with him.  I love weight training.  Instant results and you get to feel all pumped and tough.

After yesterdays less then stellar, ego destroying, sorry excuse for a bike felt good to cross train a bit.  I have read articles about good weigh training for cyclists but I kind of went anti most of it.  I ended up avoiding the machines I know I use for cycling and using more of the machines that worked the muscles that I don't use for cycling.  We are going to try to go 2-3 days a week.  That is on top of my riding 3 days a week and possibly taking in a 2 day a week hula dancing class.  Which I need to decide on quick because registration is closing.....

Being the geeks we are we built a spreadsheet to track it and I ran the endomodo app on my phone so it is also logged there.  As the weeks go on I hoping to see consistent progress towards becoming stronger.

Going out for another ride tomorrow, heres hoping I remember my water bottle this time!

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