Monday, August 27, 2012

What Hurts The Most

Getting my bike back together ended up being a three person challenge.  I put the chain on wrong, then we couldn't get the tire to not rub on the brakes, and all kinds of random crazy in between

But in the end we were victorious!

After my nearly month long absence from cycling I expected some pain.  I mostly expected leg issues and a reduction in cardio.  The pace was less then I am was capable of at 11 mph so it was a nice get back into the swing of things ride.  I never felt like I was pushing my cardio limit, and my legs did fine.  My butt however.....  Ow.

You can read in Part I  of my beginners guide to biking that when you start biking you butt will hurt for at least a month no matter what you do.  Apparently you can lose that toughness in about a month as well.  I forgot what it was like to be afraid of sitting down!

The other surprising toughness I lost was my neck.  I am back to having the neck pain all the way into my mid back again.

Hopefully after a couple weeks of being back in the saddle these beginner pains will go away and I can go back to not thinking about them.  Ever again.

All this has taught me that a break isn't worth it!  Next time I am getting on my bike at least once a week! 


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