Monday, February 11, 2013

New Year Resolution And The Internet Part 2

Back in January I told you about my internet resolutions.  To quote myself:


For the month of January no FB, News or blog reading.  The only time I am allowed to catch up is either Saturday or Sunday but not both.  At the end of January I will evaluate where I am mentally and decide how to proceed with February.  "

I did pretty well with this.  Not amazing, and I completely fell off the wagon while I was home sick for a few days, but I think I stayed very true to the spirit of the resolution.

The News
After January was over I went to the news sites I used to frequent to see what I had been missing.  I figured it wasn't much because people are always willing to give you bad news so keeping up with the world is not very difficult.  Even so, I could feel the hopelessness and negativity return instantly.  I almost felt like I had news hang over after my brief reappearance.  

I am going to continue to avoid news sites like the plague.  It is what is best/healthiest for me and my well being.


No one needs to check Facebook 100 times  a day.  I never actually did it because I thought something interesting was going to be on there but because I have a smart phone and I was bored/ easily distracted. 

I have added the app back on to my phone and have the shortcut on one of the screens.  Not m main screen, but 2 screens over.  I probably check it 2-3 times a day now when I am at lunch or bored.  I have definitely cut back and am hoping to keep it at a less ridiculous level from here on out.

Both items were the problems that I thought they were.  I am not going to go to news sites just because anymore and I am not going use Facebook as a weird ADHD crutch anymore.  I think I will have more time and be a better person for it.

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