Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rita Moreno

I walked by this in Half Price books.  I read the back, looked at the price and walked away.  I tend to only buy from the clearance rack.  I got to the clearance section and thought, "I wonder if anyone has picked it up yet."  I picked out three books and wandered over to the religion section.  " There was only one copy, maybe I should look at it again."  I wandered back over to the book.  That's when I heard they were having their 20% off sale.  I picked it up.  

I read it in one day.

Her life was intense and she wrote about it beautifully.  I couldn't wait to see what her next struggle and conquest would be.  I couldn't wait to see the rest of her story.  I loved the inside look into Hollywood and familiar names.  

I do have a warning.  If you pick up this book, you will fall in love with her, and her story.


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