Friday, November 9, 2012

Happiness is the little things 11.9.12

1.  Video Games

Seriously love RPG's.  I played Dragon Age I at least 6 times ( 30 hour game) I've played Dragon Age II, 4 times ( 40 hour game) Fable II so many times I can't tell you ( much shorter game) and Fable III 3 or 4 times.  I am kind of an addictive personality and an escapist.  Ok, I am totally an addictive personality and an escapist.  It's more interactive than reading or TV.  People who don't read or play video games only get to live one life. I have lived hundreds.  When you do all of the really sad nerd math up there you will realize why we don't have cable. 

2.  Indoor Cycling

Yet another opportunity to reveal to you my oddities.  I love working out.  We had our hardest class yet on Monday and I was walking out talking about how much fun I had.  Other people were crying.  It's all about pacing yourself people!

3.  Carmel Apple Spice from StarBucks

Just like drinking apple pie.  Don't let the picture fool you.  You have to order this VENTI or it does not taste as amazing as it can be.  I hate coffee with a fiery passion.  Yet somehow I am a gold card holder at Starbucks.  Figure that one out.  I started the whole card system for the free soy.  But they recently took that perk away.  Let's not forget I have to avoid soy now as well.  Maybe these will keep me at Gold Card status.

4.  Democracy


I discovered during this election that I truly love democracy.  I was listening to people talk about how they would throw away their spouses absentee ballot if the knew they had voted for the other party.  Between conversations like that and some of the other craziness going on, it made me realize what a great country we live in.  We can choose our leaders.  As flawed and damaged as our system is, at the end of the day We The People have a voice.  And of you are even tempted to throw away someone else's vote you do not believe in democracy or America.  Being part of the democratic process is an honor, and a thrill.  That also means accepting the vote of the majority, even if you do not agree.

5.  Jonathan Apples

I love tart and sour.  I know the world loves the Honey Crisp but not I.  Give me a half green, half red, tart, fleshy Jonathan Apple.  Which reminds me, I need to go buy another batch at the Farmer before they are out.

What's been getting you through the day?

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