Sunday, November 4, 2012

October to November

October was quite a month.  I have lots of blogs in the draft folder that I wrote, but none that I was able to publish.  I hate it when bloggers say that.  I can tell you this, I will hit publish eventually.

My October fitness minutes were minimal.  I did a lot of walking dirt trails and paved trails but zero riding.  My Endomondo screen shot for October would look pretty pathetic if I shared it with you.

It is November, and it is cold.  My husband and I don't like coffee so we drink a lot of hit tea and hot chocolate.

I had a migraine for three weeks, that was fun.  I've decided it was the soy in the new vitamin I was taking.  I was in denial about that for...well....three weeks.  I had done a lot of research and had chosen a food based highly rated and well reviewed product.  I even bought it from Whole Foods.  Once I decided denial wasn't doing anything for my migraine, I stopped taking it. Life has been much better since then.  Now I need to start all over with my research and find a food based vitamin with NO SOY.  Ugh.

I've started indoor cycling at work 2 days a week with a group of my co-workers.  It's been 1 week and a lot of fun so far.

Yesterday I went for a 45 degree, 14 mile bike ride.  It was further on a different side of my path then I have gone before.  I took the hybrid with the wider tires and it was a nice adventure.  I think I will be riding it more in the winter than I did in the summer.

My aunt bought me cycling tights as an early Christmas present and they are awesome.  I wore only those ( not lined) and my bike shorts and my legs were not cold and did not feel the wind at all.  I highly suggest getting yourself a pair.  I tired to wear a neck gator but I felt like I was choking so I took it off.  I might try to stretch it out before I wear it again, or just buy a face mask.  We shall see how dedicated I am to cold weather riding.

I have read a multiple books I want to post reviews for and I am halfway through a favorites post.

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