Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies)

Loved, loved this book.   Go read Gone Girl and then read this immediately following for a total mind bend.

What I didn't like first.  The title and cover imply that the main character is bad.  (upon reflection this is a really great title) She shares her guilt about some unnamed big bad and what a horrible person she is.  She is not.   Then near the end, she does something with good motivation and intentions the other character acts all betrayed all over again, and she takes that guilt even though she did it for him.  That really bothered me.

This is a book about deeply flawed people, the binds of love and the scars it leaves.  It's a testimony on loving oneself before you can truly love another.  A warning tale of what love can do with you, to you and make of you.

There are twists, turns and intrigue.  There is violence and sex.  There is love.

Everyone in this book will do/has done something unforgivable.  You still root for them, you will cry for them, and most importantly you see yourself in them.  Their failings are yours, their sins are yours, and their hopes are yours.

4/5 on this one.  
It's only not a 5 because I feel like the main character is unfairly singled out as the loan antagonist. And still get upset.

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