Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Gym

For $35 a month, there were things that I put up with at my old gym.  Eternally broken equipment and toilets, crappy hours, empty spray bottles, no paper towels.  Then there were the "typical" gym things.  Like guys doing one rep and wandering around for 15 minutes.  But they were using that machine, so don't touch it.  Most of the people at my old gym were there to socialize.  My husband and I would walk in, stay for 45-60 minutes, do our cardio or our weight circuit, and leave.  We were among the few that ever left.  The same people that were there when we walked in would be there when we walked out. 

The new gym is about $47 a month with annual fees.  I have been there three times.  The con's are that I seem to be to short for a lot of the equipment.  I tried to talk to someone about it last night but it was late and she couldn't leave the desk.  So I need to get someone to show me what I am doing wrong or show me an alternative.  That has me frustrated.  BUT the rest is AMAZING.  I've gotten on the hydro massage bed every time I go, and it is the best thing ever.  There are chair massages, red light therapy and tanning.  Lines upon lines of cardio equipment and open 24 hours.  The best thing is, all three times I've gone, everyone is there to work out.  No one is wandering around and chatting.  No one is staring at themselves in the mirror.  There is no clanging or screaming.  Everyone is on a machine burning calories.  It is a great environment. 

Going to a new gym makes me more excited to go over the winter, and it definitely helps the motivation.  Sure, I may not want to go to the gym, but if I do I can get a hydro massage.  You have to love incentives.

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