Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Like Her

More Like Her is about Frances.  It is a 3 month view into her life where we watch her come to grips with her past and embrace her future.

Don't read any other synopsis, including the back of the book.  They give way to much a way.  I also believe it leaves you with the wrong impression.  I started reading this book thinking Frances was going to be idolizing someone.  She never really did, no one ever seemed perfect.  From the moment of introduction all of Liza Palmer's characters had obvious flaws with in themselves or their lives.  I spent 40% of the book fairly confused about what the heck the back of the book was talking about.

I loved this book.  I laughed out loud, I felt France's pain, and I couldn't put it down.  You know where the book is headed, as it starts there, but you forget.  You are to busy watching Frances flounder and find comfort with friends.  You are too involved with seeing yourself in Frances and seeing your circle in her friends.  You are to swept up in her observations of people, visualizing the scenes as she lays them out, to remember what is coming.  And then it does.  There is a shooting.

The book keeps going.  You keep identifying, you keep laughing, you keep feeling, and you keep hoping.

5/5 on this one.  More Like Her  was so much more than I expected, and much more than the book it self purports to be.

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