Saturday, June 9, 2012

Food Induced Migraines

When I turned 30, everything went to hell.

One of the ways my body betrayed me was migraines.  Anyone who knows me is probably thinking, but you have always had head aches.  

Yes.  I have always had headaches.  I probably have a sinus headache at least once a week.  Oh the joys of living in Ohio.

Migraines are an entirely different beast.  Mine seem to have a direct food correlation.  I have a bachelor's degree is psychology, so let me take a moment to say this.

I understand that I may be blaming food, and it's not food's fault or it is not entirely food's fault.  let me whine anyway, I have a migraine.

First migraine was after eating salami for lunch every day.  I decided no more salami and definitely not in large quantities.  Second migraine was after eating pepperoni and a small glass of wine.  Third migraine was after one slice of pepperoni pizza, and the fourth migraine was after one serving of Slim Fast.

The first three are all obvious migraine triggers.  Nitrates.  The big bad that keeps we migraine sufferers on or our toes and in fear of our heads at all times.  Stress can be a secondary trigger, and I think this may be the case with me.  I try to be careful about nitrates regardless of my stress levels.

That brings us to this weeks migraine.  I am on day 5.  I am tired of hearing about how small I look when the scale has not moved in a month.  So, in a desperate attempt to get the scale to move and to force myself to be more strict about my eating, I tried Slim Fast. 

It sound's ridiculous, I know.  My co- workers are using a different product that involves a cleanse and meal replacements.  I asked them about the meal replacements and they said Slim Fast is cheaper, just get that!  So I did.  I don't know what it was.  It could have been the aspartame, a known migraine trigger, I found a web site claiming the that MSG is in the shakes.  I really don't know.  All I know is, I had one for breakfast Monday morning, and I have been a walking migraine ever since.

I am over it.

Does any one have any advice?  How to get rid of it, how to avoid more, how to not try to take shortcuts in my weight loss journey?

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