Friday, June 1, 2012

Happiness is the Little Things 06.01.12

1.  Colby- Jack Cheese: 
To heck with calories!  Colby-jack is delicious and I want it on everything!

2.  Coke:  

Ok, so I am not new to coke.  But since I have started on my weight loss journey I greatly limit my intake.  This week I said “I DON’T CARE” and drank more than usual.  Ah coke, how I love you.

3.  City Parks:  

They are totally awesome!  Who knew!  I’ve lived in the same area of town for 5 years and never knew I was right next to a mini get a way spot.  If you have not gone to explore your local parks I highly suggest it.

4.  Moisture Wicking Shirts: 

 I had no idea cotton was holding me back and weighing me down.  Now it’s hard to work out in anything but a dry weave shirt.  

5.  Kindle: 

 As an avid reader, I really held out on this.  I had 0 interest in getting one until a recent trip to a book store.  I wanted 3 books, and even with soft covers I  was looking at $60.  I decided at that moment to buy a Kindle.  I really enjoy reading from it and I love the instant accessibility to any book I want at any time.  My bank account, not so thrilled.

What little things have made you happy this week?

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