Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happiness Is The Little Things 9.16.12

New bike gear!

Nothing is more motivating then new gear to try out.  It has made me really happy and more enaged with my work outs again.

 You will notice the name brands are all over the board.  There are two reasons for that.  One, amazon is cheaper.  Two, the Cannondale shoe cover were a guilt purchase.

I walked into a bike shop in town and asked if they had any fall/winter gear.  They didn't have any on the floor, but the associate went to the back and dug through boxes and made multiple trips back to me.  Most of the gear wouldn't fit, they had limited sizes and the womens was too small and the mens was to big.  it was all more than I was willing to pay for a single item as I really had a lot of purchases in mind. See pictures above.  One thing interested me however and it was the shoe covers.  I hadn't even know they existed but it made sense.  My bike shoes that I wore all summer allowed air to come through, which was great. Now that it is getting colder what was a benefit will now become frost bite inducing.  So I bought them.  Even though they were not my typical brand.  I figured it was the least I could do after all of the great customer service he provided.

Side note about bike shops.  My husband ( and I to a lesser extent) loves comic books.  Sometimes when we walk into comic book shops together I can get a definite OMG it's a girl!  Feeling.  Not for any reason other than I don't think some of the hops are frequented by women unless it's Christmas and they are looking for a gift for their partner.

I get the same feeling in bike shops sometime.  I took a grand tour of Columbus bike shops while price comparing and deciding what to buy.  And I occasionally felt that comic book store vibe.  It's a girl!  And she wants to buy stuff!  I feel this is a failing of bike shops.  Carry womens sizes!

As a side note to the side note,  I find it hard to believe that cycling is a male dominated past time.  It is low impact, practical, social, and burns tons of calories.  Why aren't women cycling?  The cost?  The time commitment?   I don't understand it.

Back to the first side note,

I believe at the heart of every cyclist is an accessories whore.  I see this as another great failing of the bike shop.  I've decided there is a great need for a cycling accessory only store.  Every color, every size, of every wardrobe piece, bike addition and accessory available.  Bike shops have not seemed to catch on yet that I don't want to spend $2000 + on a bike and then not be able to buy matching or coordinating accessories.   I envision a magical place, organized by color and offering XS- 4XL.   With a definite focus on the fact that their are women cyclist, they do have money, and they might want coordinating accessories. In colors other than black.

I am not sure how my Yay stuff!  Post turned into a rant about how I could create the greatest cycling accessory shop ever, but there you have it.

Have you added anything to you workout wardrobe to accommodate the weather change?

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