Sunday, September 2, 2012

Magazine Love, Bike Lust and Appreciating Beauty

The last event I signed up for was through  They offered a subscription to  Bicycling Magazine .  The usual three months free cancel at anytime blah blah.

I received my first issue in the mail yesterday, and I LOVE IT.  I was skeptical because I feel like anything I need to know, I have the internet for.  But I've been carrying this magazine around with me everywhere reading it every chance I get.

One of the more unfortunate for me article was titled " Our favorite $2000 road bikes". Their description of Specialized Ruby Elite Apex Compact had me drooling.  It is available in my size, carbon frame and ( apparently) the ideal bike for the rider who rides a lot but does not race.  SWOON.  Oh and let us not forget the Ruby comes in the same color as my Lexa  so all of my accessories can match across bikes!

To bad I need a bajillion other things, cycling gear and other wise before I consider a new bike.  It is definitely motivation to be more diligent about saving.  Sigh.  Some day Ruby Elite Apex, someday.

Trek posted a great picture on their facebook page today:

Love it!  It reminded me to share this picture with you.  I left late for my ride Thursday and was about 6 miles from home when the sun was setting.  Not great for riding, but it was a good photo opportunity.

That's all for today really.  Magazine love, bike lust, and most of all appreciating beauty.

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