Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There is always an excuse

 Reasons why I did not want to go on a ride tonight:

1.  The tiredness mentioned in my previous post continues.
2.  I was really really sore yesterday and tender today.
3.  I waited to long and only had an hour before sunset.
4.  It looked like rain.

I went anyway.

I was only able to go out for 30 ish minutes, I forgot my bike computer, and it started raining.  I was riding hard and fast to get the best work out I could and to the beat the darkness and the rain.

I was riding west on the way home.  Riding into the sunset was amazing.  It was the kind of meditation I experience when I am around water.  Even though I was on my bike and going 15 mph the orange sunset still brought a kind on peace and wonderment. 

I wasn't able to take a picture, but this is the general idea...

Except the sun was much bigger, and I felt much closer.

My point is, I didn't want to go out tonight, and I barely made myself do it.  

Despite that, I was reminded of why cycling is so amazing.

I felt like I was part of nature tonight.

One of the many reasons to get out and ride my bike.
Moments like that make all of the excuses and all of the issues null and void.

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