Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Corpse-Rat King

What isn't intriguing about this title?  Or the cover for that matter.  The Corpse-Rat King is about a corpse rat, con man, and all around scuzzy guy with no redeeming qualities.  He finds himself dead, and with the promise of life being restored, goes in pursuit of a king for the dead.  Going in pursuit implies that he went right out and did what was asked of him.  He did not.  He ran, he hid and he connived, all of the things that he did best while he was truly alive.  Some reviews say he did not evolve during the book.  That they started the book not liking him, and they ended the book not liking him.  I don't know that you are ever suppose to like him, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't evolve as a character.  It took his death to make him find the humanity that he was capable of, and it was a long journey.  Corpse-Rat was a bit to wordy with descriptions for my liking, but that is my only real complaint. $4.80 on Kindle, and completely worth it.


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