Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve 2013

We went to the Columbus Fish Market for our annual New Years Eve dinner.  It was amazing.  I am hoping to do a review for it on our restaurant blog soon.

I ordered steak, like always.  Fillet Mignon Med Rare.

The steak was cooked perfectly and was delicious.  I have low expectations for all sea food restaurants and steak but this was perfect.  So were the sides!

I ordered their drink special for the night.  Little bit to much vodka for me but better towards the middle.

(the bread was yummy too)

Brad ordered lobster tails and mashed potatoes. 

I am allergic to shellfish but Brad said it was very good.  You know what I am not allergic to?  Mashed potatoes.  They were SO GOOD.  Next time we go, hopefully soon, I am getting mashed potatoes.

What is New years Eve dinner without dessert?

We ordered the mini shark fin.  It was the perfect end to the meal.  It kind of taste like a drumstick, but better.  If you ever go, you should order it.

I said I want to put this on our restaurant review blog so I am trying to not go into this to much, but I also have to say that the service was perfect.  Constant refills, instant non intrusive plate clearing, and well timed food delivery. 

If you are looking to treat yourself you should give it a try.

After that?  

Sparkling grape juice for everyone!  We have a very quiet night, but it worked for me.

  I also gave blood today.  I am not a good blood donor.  I can donate in 5 minutes, but I take a really long time to recover.  I am trying to decide if the cost is worth the benefits to go again. 

I hope you had a good New Years Eve!

Happy New Year!

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