Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolution Check Point

It has not been a week, I know.  Sunday seems like a good day to reflect on the previous weeks progress.

I am only going to cover the things I am actively working on this time around.  I might change it up later.

1. I have been reading 2 of the books on my 26 books list this week.  I haven't finished any but I am on my way.

2.  I have been working really hard on this.   I've been reading my read the bible in a year passages every night along with 2 different devotionals and a book about prayer.  I am also currently working on a design for a prayer / bible study journal.  I am excited about figuring out exactly how I want it.

5.  While I have not officially laid out my clothes I did have a good idea of what I was going to wear every day.  Again, progress even if not perfection.

6.  This has been going very well.  We got a dishwasher for Christmas and we have been keeping the kitchen clean.  We have also been working on the library a little bit everyday and have been making significant progress.  I am hoping to have my study set up in there this week.

10.  I have tracked my calories every day.  It's not pretty but hopefully that comes this week.  And hopefully I don't make brownies.  If you want to be friends on MyFitnessPal I do too!  Leave a comment and let's be accountabiliabuddies.

11. Oh budgeting.  I love spreadsheets.  Actually enforcing the spreadsheet not so much. My husband and I have worked on the household budget.  I am pretty stoked about it and hope we can stick to it.  Now I just need to work on my personal budget.

12.  Eating at home more is also going very well.  Again I credit the dishwasher as I am not constantly doing a cost benefit analysis about having to do the dishes after cooking.

13.  The social media goal is going poorly.  I would say I am down to 2 facebook checks a day and I still consistently check my Feedly.  I am hoping to go facebook free starting Monday.  Stupid habits.

This is also what is in store for my Monday:

With 5 inches of snow.  So, that should be fun.

How go your resolutions?


  1. YAY dishwashers! I would love to have a dishwasher. I haven't been home much the past couple of weeks to work on my goals, but I need to get on the horn with my #1 priority to be WORK OUT B*TCH! Ugh. That and finding a competent doctor as soon as my Flex plan re-activates for this year...

    1. You should come to Columbus for a competent doctor. I know a great one. Just saying.