Sunday, January 12, 2014

What I Bought at Dollar Tree

I mentioned back in my Christmas wishlist that I had the random urge to bake cake and put cake pans and cake baking accessories on my wish list.  I did not get any of them for Christmas.  This in no way stopped my urge for cake baking.  The end game still being that I am good enough at it by March 2 so I can make my niece her usual request of a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  The freak.

Cake supply less, I've been scheming about when I will have enough money to buy myself cake pans, carriers and cooling racks.  Then today, I remembered what happened when I got the urge to bake bread.  I went to the Dollar Tree for foil bread pans and ended up finding real bread pans for a dollar.  Off to the Dollar Tree I went, and what do you know.  Cake pans, carriers, and cooling racks.  Nothing that will last a lifetime, but a great way to see if I actually like this and will do it often enough to warrant spending real money on it.

$4 in equipment later, we have lemon cake!

Well, two actually but the second one looked like this.

And then this....

And I was thinking, well, once I stack them, frosting will hide a multitude of sins.

But then I remembered that I live at my house, and we do not keep milk on hand.  Did I mention I decided to start this project at 9 pm?  I decided to wait to make the frosting  after a grocery store trip.  At this point, I still had hopes for a pretty stacked cake tomorrow.  Then my husband wanted some, so I cut the bottom off.  Then I decided to try to flip them and the mangled one fell apart.
 Along with my dream.
The cake and a 1/2 are now in my dollar store carrier ( totally not trusting that handle btw) and I will attempt to make frosting tomorrow.

Now, I wanted to end this post with " and here is a picture of my little baking buddy" and show a current picture of my little dog.  My little, lovable dog.....who hates cameras.  Hilarity ensued.

Caption: If I just keep moving they will never catch me.

Caption: Noooooo I don't like pictures!

Caption: Must escape clutches......

Caption: Why don't they love me anymore?

Caption:  Maybe if I ignore them they will go away.

Thanks to Stefanie for hosting Sunday Snapshot!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Gotta love the things you can find at Dollar Tree!

    Hope your cake baking adventures go well!

    Blessings, Ashley

  2. Thank you! I usually only think of it for baskets or cubicle decorations but it's def worth a walk through sometimes.