Thursday, January 2, 2014

Weekend Breakfast

One of my household jobs is breakfast.  It's usually not very creative or original, but it is usually yummy.  Also cheaper than eating out, which helps with the budget.

Even with making breakfast a lot, I had never broken a yolk upon first crack until today.

If I break them, it's usually not until I ineptly flip them, so I had to take a picture.

I spend a lot of time and mental energy NOT drinking coke.  Also NOT drinking my calories.  Sometimes though, I get really tired of only drinking water and that's usually when this makes an appearance at my house.

It is really delicious.  You should try it.

With the chocolate milk and eggs we also had bagels and thick cut baked bacon.

Brad's breakfast

My Breakfast

Yes, that is picnic ware.  We just got a dishwasher for Christmas so maybe the real plates will start making more of an appearance.  

What do you drink at breakfast?

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  1. Love coffee and orange juice with breakfast. I made pancakes New Year's Day...not very creative, either.