Sunday, January 5, 2014


At Christmas, my husband and I took in a dog to foster.  His name is Rosco, and he is adorable.

We were planning on keeping him as long as our current dog, Bella,  was able to handle it.  She was not.  
We had to keep them separated and Rosco wasn't really able to be part of the family.  We were going to give Bella a week to adjust and then we were going to try to find him another home.  Christmas was on Wednesday.  Thursday morning a co-worker called me.  She had been trying to help us find a home for Rosco and she succeeded.  I was really torn about sending him to live with her.  I really liked him, and really wanted it to work out.  

We took him to visit her anyway.  She had made the vet appointment before she even met him.  She told us that she had filled out the paperwork to adopt a dog who looked just like him that Monday, but had never submitted the paperwork.  She is a widow and had been wanting to find a dog for a long time.

It was easier to give him to someone who needed him more than we did.  We decided that sending him to live with her was the best option.  My niece's family had been one of Rosco's many stops before finding his forever home, so I made sure that she had a chance to say goodbye before we took him over.

The lady who adopted him works on the same floor as I do and has been giving me daily updates.  She is in love with him and always thanks for me for bringing him into her life. 

I know he is at the right home, and I know he is going to be very happy there.

But I still miss the little guy.

Thank you to Stefanie for hosting Sunday Snapshot! 

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Awwww. :') That story made my eyes sweaty. Good job!

  2. So beautiful :)
    ~Ruth Anne

  3. What a cutie! Thankful that he is in good hands.