Friday, January 10, 2014

Thinking, Feeling 1.10.14

Thinking about:  Ways to break out of the doldrums.  The -30 degree days have really sapped my will to live.
Feeling: Doldrummy.  I am writing a blog post to justify still sitting on my butt and not being an active member of my life.
Watching: Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I am almost through Season 5 ( Honestly I skipped most of 4, it's a crap season).  If I ever watch Buffy a third time I think it will be a 1-3  and  then 7 kind of viewing. We will see how season 6 is.  Spike is by far my favorite character.   My husband and I go in very predictable directions.  His favorite characters are the every man ( in this case, Xander) and mine are the bad guys.  The sick and twisted bad guys. Also, David Boreanz is much hotter in Bones than he ever was in Buffy.  I might have a thing for older men to.....
Reading:   I am reading a lot right now.  My favorite fiction of the moment is The Ghost Bride 1/2 way through.  My favorite faith reading right is The Circle Maker.  It gets a lot of mixed feedback from the Christian community but it is really helping me.  My favorite concepts right now are "Stop pleading and start praising" and defining Jericho and victory for myself.  Good stuff.
Looking forward to:   Getting the library clean.  I am really looking forward to having my own quiet space.
Making me happy:  Working on my prayer journal design is still making me happy. So is my new dishwasher and a clean kitchen.

What are you up to?

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