Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Favorite Things

1.  I have this thing for Elephants.  Big mammals in general ( hippo, rhino, horses) but the elephant is the clear winner.  Why do we all have that one animal that speaks to us?  Any ideas?   We don't go to Target much, but we were there recently and found this:

Now, I already have this one:

But it is an at home mug.  The new one is a take to work mug.  Elephants everywhere!

2. How did I survive 4 years without a dishwasher?  Absolute insanity and I will never do it again.  Ever.

3.  Sticking with appliances, Check out one of Brad's birthday presents:

Cool right?  So far so good!  Having easy drink variety for every whim is nice.  I also think that with most of the start up cost out of the way it will be cost effective.  As long as we turn in the old Co2 cartridges we will get a replacement at a discount.  Every flavor we have tried so far has been very solid, which has been a relief.  Favorite so far is Root Beer!

4.  Thai Food, specifically curry.  I just discovered a Thai restaurant much closer and much more affordable.  Brad will probably be getting dragged there a lot.

5.Hockey!  SO much better live than on TV.  Probably my favorite sport for the last couple years.  If you have never treated yourself to a game ( and you like contact sports) you should.  It is a lot of fun.

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