Friday, March 14, 2014

Doctor Sleep - Review

Doctor Sleep works as a stand alone novel but is the sequel to The Shining.  If you have only ever seen the movie for The Shining you have done yourself a disservice.  The book and the movie are completely unique.

Doctor Sleep is at its most intense, its most scary, when  focused on Dan Torrence.  His talents, his addictions, his demons and his memories.  Introduced in Doctor Sleep is a group of energy eaters called The Knot.  They were suppose to be the villains of the piece, but this book really didn't need them.  It had Dan.

The first part of this book had me afraid to have my limbs hanging off of the bed and walking around my dark house with my flashlight app on.

The rest was a very enjoyable story.  But I really could have read 500 pages of Dan's personal and supernatural battles and been just as happy.



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