Saturday, March 8, 2014

Favorite Movies

When MySpace was the "in place" to be, a bunch of old high school acquaintances and I filled out a lot of surveys to get to know each other again or better.  That as slowed on Facebook, we all use status updates a lot more than we use the notes or blog section.  One think I miss about those days is the self reflection.  For example I haven't asked myself what my favorite song is in a long time. Therefore, I am going to do some top 10 lists on the blog.  Starting with movies because songs are way harder.  Way.

1.  Sense and Sensibility
If I had to pick one movie to watch for the rest of time this would be it.  I've probably watched it at least 30 times.

2.  Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
Oh Kevin Costner.  Now this movie I've probably seen 100 times. Seriously.  Love it.

3.  Disney's Robin Hood
Yes, two Robin Hood movies one after the other.  I don't care, both are great.  I had a huge crush on the fox Robin Hood.

4.  Santa Clause The Movie

The original one from 1980's.  It's everything that I dreamed Santa's workshop would look like and I got to see it play out on TV.  Completely magical.

5.  Someone Like You

Ever since Hugh Jackman was Wolverine, I have loved him.  It's probably why I ever sat down to watch Someone Like You.  It is a Rom Com, right down to Marisa Tomei as the snappy side kick.  But the cast is solid, it makes you laugh and at one point, Hugh Jackman takes his shirt off.  What else could you ask for?

6.  Lord of the Rings The Two Towers

Continuing on with men who I am in love with, Viggo Mortensen.  I like all three movies but The Two Towers is the quickest to get through and packed full of sexiness.  And other good movie stuff....

7.  Fight Club
This movie will also show up on my favorite book list.  I kind of aspire to live like Tyler Durden, and fail miserably.  So I watch this movie and read the book over and over again instead.

8. Pride and Prejudice ( the Keria Knightly version)
Among Austenites this is a fairly sacrilegious choice.  If you don't go with Colin Firth as Darcy then you can't really show your face.  Don't care, it's still awesome.

9.  Love Actually
While I enjoy the whole movie, I really only watch it for the Keria Knightly storyline.  And my broken heart will love you, until you look like this.

10.  Talladega Nights
I am not a huge Will Ferrell fan.  But I laugh my butt off to this movie ( the original, not the lame ass extended cut) Every. Single. Time.  "Anarchy!  Anarchy!  I don't know what it means but I love it!"

What is your favorite movie?

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