Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pet Peeves

1.  Whistlers

Seriously.  Why do people think I want to hear them whistling at Meijer or while I eat lunch or anytime.  Ever.  I don't.

2.  Parents

There were quite a few incidents of ungrateful parenting this weekend.  A mother in a clothing store, disinterested in her daughter trying on dresses for a dance for example.  The daughter said to her mother " Mom I want a reaction, not just it's okay."  The response was  " What do you want from me?  You dad is trying to face time me and I am hungry.  I am not going to buy you a dress today anyway you will just change your mind."  How many dresses will she get to shop for with the daughter she was blessed to have?  2 or three a year for four years?  So let's say 12.  12 dresses, 12 experiences, 12 chances to make her daughter feel beautiful and wanted.  The mother definitely  failed that time.

3.  SUV's that drive like they rear wheel drive cars with bald tires in the snow.

4.  SUV's that drive like they are invincible in the snow.

5.  Paying $5 for a drink that is nasty.

Starbucks and Planet Smoothie, I am looking at you.  The least you could do for $5 is get it right.

I should post things that make me happy next.

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