Sunday, March 16, 2014

Second Ride of the Year - Sunday Snapshot 3.16.14

On Tuesday 3/11 the weather in Columbus was amazing.  High 60's and full of sunshine.

I had gone on my first bike ride of the year the previous Sunday.  It was about 45 degrees, which wasn't bad on the way out, but we had the wind in our face coming back and it was pretty miserable.

Tuesday was perfect.  I completely forgot to grab my headphones and it was a really good thing.  I was only going on a short ride, less than 10 miles, so I really didn't need the motivation/distraction.  It gave me the chance to enjoy the wind, and the other people out and enjoying the nice day.  There were a lot of couples out walking their dogs, jogging and biking.  

But the show stopper was the sky.  Totally gorgeous.It was so nice getting out into the sun and the air and getting the chance to really move.

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